Here’s Exactly How To Cold Call and Conquer It

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2019 Update: We are finding vastly improved success with a second follow up call. Often the first message or e-mail is ignored, but when following up with a second call, individuals are more likely to respond favorably, and recognize your contact as genuine.

For example, we recently called a commercial account which has the potential to be very lucrative, and inquired, “We sent an e-mail on the 12th, and wanted check to see that you received it and it wasn’t diverted or not received.” (We also left a voice message prior to sending the e-mail.)

He replied “I never look at unsolicited e-mail” and we answered, “Now that you know to expect it, can we re-send to your attention?”

He answered that would be fine, and requested we call back in about a week. We sensed that this was another “test” to gauge our sincerity, and when we called about ten (10) days later, we had a great conversation where he opened up to us and described his plans, goals and timing for the work, allowing us to make relevant suggestions, and set up the next step for working with them.

  • If You’re Struggling With Cold Calls – Conquer Them
  • If You’re Calling Group Insurance – Get New Accounts
  • If You’re Calling Commercial Printing – Find New Customers
  • If You Need Outside Sales  – Set Appointments
  • If You’re Calling For A Job – Be Relaxed and Confident
  • If You’re Finding It Tough To Start – Make It Easy
  • If Fear Is Stopping You – Get Secrets From a Pro!

If you’ve ever felt you’re struggling, or you just put off getting started…

  • Imagine fear dissolving…
  • Can you actually enjoy calling?
  • How about having people thank you for calling?
  • What would that do to your energy and satisfaction?

Cold Calling is not a panacea that will create instant wealth without effort on your part, however it is a very useful skill that you can improve by using the right techniques. We all have slow spells. They happen to me, and they will happen to you. The key is knowing how to keep going with strategies that reward your consistency.

Whether You Work With Thousands of People

Or You’re An Independent Contractor…

You’ll Find The Amazing Secret To Instantly Start Hitting Your Goals

And Discover The Most Important Thing You Must Know

You’re going to get:

  • Sample Scripts That Open Doors
  • Cold Calling Techniques That Work So You’re Not Wasting Your Time
  • Ways To Drive Business For Pennies On The Dollar
  • The Importance of Ethics So You Get Committed Customers

My name is Daniel Dreifus.

– You’ll learn what I’ve discovered making cold calls since 1977…
– Why it still works every single day
– How you can make cold calling one of the easiest things you do!
– You can get outstanding results
– When you have fresh leads, a good business model and follow through,
– You’ve got ingredients for success in any field

  • You’ll see why an insurance agent was delighted just from cold calling part time in college…
  • You’ll see why apartment developers ordered truckloads of new windows for their building from cold calling…
  • Why a 5 bedroom home on 110 acres sold for $1,350,000 with a 10% commission from cold calling…
  • How cold calling got a 48 story twin tower downtown LA roofing job that led to a series of super projects…
  • You’ll learn how to open doors
  • Insights, techniques, tools and road maps you can use

You’ll see how cold calling opened a project for a Southern California aerospace company that wound up generating one million dollars profit for the contractor that did the work…

If you have ever wished you had more qualified leads…

“The method used by Daniel Dreifus, Commercial Resource Management LLC, has been very beneficial for me. He provides consistently good leads and includes all of the pertinent information that I need; e.g. name, phone number, square footage, history and conditions. Basically the leads are prequalified for me and are good prospective customers, so I am not wasting my time. The closing rate on these leads is better than I’ve ever had.”[“Dean Jaeger, Commercial Roofing Concepts”]

  • You’ll get 34 years of daily experience…
  • Actionable, proven insights…
  • Strategies, scripts and tips…
  • Tools and techniques…

Rock-Solid Content

  • The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Do To Be Successful
  • The Little Secret About What To Say First That Gets Cooperation
  • If You Make an Error in the Introduction
  • How To Get People To Thank You For Calling Even If They’re Not Interested
  • Cold Calling Made Easy
  • List Source and Split Testing
  • Make More Money By Playing Games
  • The Power of Mirroring
  • How To Turn Rejections Into Sales
  • Tough Customers
  • Why You Should Be Glad When People Say They Just Bought From a Competitor
  • Winning Attitude – It’s Not What You Think!

This program is an absolute bargain

I’ve been right where you are, and turned it into something that works every day. I understand your challenges, and can help you by sharing what I’ve learned. If you’ve become discouraged about making calls, or would just like some new ideas, test this for yourself.

If you’ve ever wondered how to feel more comfortable and be more effective…Then this is for you — or you can keep struggling…Remember, — just one good idea is worth it to you in productivity, profit and peace of mind. I’ve already proven these strategies work time and again. Now it’s your turn!

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  • How To develop more earning power
  • How To get people to thank you for calling them
  • How To turn rejections into sales
  • How To be glad when people say they’re not interested
  • How To make the phone your friend
  • How To master rejection so it doesn’t “get” to you
  • How To Develop An Attitude That Keeps Working For You Every Day

Master the Art of Becoming a Cold Call Champion…

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Here’s to Your Learning The Art Of Being A Cold Call Champion!

Cold Call Champion – The Art of Hitting Home Runs with Cold Calls, is a comprehensive guide, for anyone who uses the telephone to make the first contact, to set appointments, or to begin the sales process.

Whether you’re searching for the secret to cold calling, want to master the basics, are already working on the telephone, are considering telemarketing as a career, or are just looking for a sample cold calling script, the author helps you by drawing on his 34 years of experience in developing leads.

The author states that “if cold calling is a painful process for you — you’re not doing it right.” The greater portion of communication, even over the telephone is nonverbal. People receiving your call mirror your tone and attitude. You will discover precise instructions on exactly how to maximize your effectiveness.

Recommended scripts are included, that have been extensively tested in daily use, to be highly effective in gaining cooperation. Critical phrases are described, so you can modify them to meet your need.

This training program stresses the importance of questioning with the correct attitude, and describes how to improve your results, by asking better questions. When you learn how to develop a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional tone, prospects will often thank you for calling, and this kind of reception makes the entire process easier and more productive.

The program also covers effective “split testing” methods for improving the scripts you use, so you keep getting better and better. Often, changing a single word or phrase, can create dramatic changes.

There is a section dedicated to “tough customers” and how to avoid falling into the trap, that some people like to set, for those who call them. You will learn the most effective attitude for “connecting” with people over the phone, as well as how to leave voice messages, obtain email addresses, and develop an email promotional piece to send when prospects are unavailable by phone.